Little Hollywood - Site History

July 23rd 2012
Bunny Pirate Productions added to town page.

February 7th 2011
Chris Scofield added to residents page.

November 11th 2010
Cheshire added to residents page(along with all their recordings).

October 31st
Dancing On The Fountain video by Carol Burns added to DreamKitchen page.

October 26th 2010
Olympia Family Theater added to the Town Square.

October 23rd 2010
New resident Crystal Hart added along with 3 songs from her "Reflections" CD.

October 19th 2010
New resident d.c. added along with his "A Simple Prop" audio.

October 8th 2010
The new site is finally live. Thanks to everyone who allowed me to pretend they were being patient.

Fall 2010
After spending the summer restoring the audio from my archives I've been putting the finishing touches (i.e. rewriting the entire site by hand) of the new site in order to get it posted.

New clickable splash image, new residents and streamlined layout created. First set of mp3 audio added. Historical site added.

Hello world! The new site is in beta on Go Daddy under the handle of Watch out for stuffed animals!

March 2010
Life just keeps happening and when the dust settles from 2009 I'm using Notepad to build a virtual shack on the edge of the lake and hoping that if others take an interest we can link our efforts.

2009 - I have talked myself into a corner. Friends I have solicited are turning the tables and asking me what I want to do because they are ready to get started. I take the plunge and find a new host (the old one was too expensive) and work with Tyler and Sam to find a tool for the new site. I also decide that the co-op would have more entertainment value if I expanded the scope to include all performance based art, rather than just music. A live talk show/variety format is discussed and abandoned (for now).

2008 - I realize that I'm going to have to connect with a more diverse group of people if I want the business aspect of Little Hollywood to work. I start talking with friends to see if I get generate any interest. I keep trying to convince myself I can let this go - but the occasional email from Japan asking about the "Studio of Doom" tape and the people that are desperate to connect with Senayit are difficult to ignore.

2000 - The site is re-written from the ground up by Damian Magista and myself with the hope of converting all the audio into a better format than was available in 1998. Life happens and I never finish posting all the old material. In the meantime the structure of the site has become unsustainable. Some members have left the area, others have their own sites and the communication required to keep the site current and cohesive does not happen.

1998 - At my request Jason Dexter, at age 14, creates the first Little Hollywood website to promote local musicians like Senayit. I, being much older than 14, should have known better than to push the technical envelope; but then I'm a musician and anyone who knows better does not become an older musician.
- carl