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Damian Magista - Destroyer of Worlds

Personal Notes

Uh yeah, info...

Raised by a pack of Rabid Nuns in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest and fed a steady diet of blood worms and pigeons I cut my musical teeth in grand old Olytown where I spent my youth drinking beer, working crappy food service jobs and creating music that is harmful to the status quo.

Worked on various projects starting with my first band Drizzle the on toMoodboy and the Diva (some of my favorite songs to date), a brief stintwith Chesire, many Haroldo projects, and finally my last and most brutalproject Foodpusher.

It was with FP that we fully explored the effects of sub-hormonicfrequencies on the human system. From straight punk to allout ultra-low musical meltdown we were convinced that we could find the resonant frequency of the planet (I know we hit the frequency of theCapitol Theater one evening which by the way is recorded and features Haroldo). So yeah, I got more projects in the works. Look for "Muscle Group" this fall.

I have since left Oly and moved to Seattle where I work for Amazon.com as a Music Buyer. This entails sourcing and purchasing CDs from smalllabels/distributors, chatting on the phone, faxing crap, and working under the no frills UNIX system all day long. So there you go. If you reallywanna know more buy me a beer. Later. - damian