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Little Hollywood was originally conceived as a musician's co-operative dedicated to the business needs of its members. Our somewhat lofty goal was to develop and present what is most commercially viable in our members work without financing our work through the efforts of those whose only interest was in the size of the sale.

Twelve years later I'd have to say that that we were long on music and short on business. I have been consistently rewarded by the work and the relationships that have endured, but the ability we have to exploit our own work commericially always seems to take a back seat to our intense personal interest in the work itself. It's hard to worry about the money when the music is this rewarding.

The name Little Hollywood was originally used by local Olympia residents to refer to the shacks you see in this depression era picture of Capital Lake in downtown Olympia. This kind of tongue in cheek humor is one of my favorite aspects of NW culture and at the time the co-op was created my house and studio were located in a depression era shack very similar to those pictured here. A local progressive politician once published the undoctored version of the image above as warning to what happens when people are allowed to build what they want, where they want. I'm not a big fan of strip malls, but to me building on a personal scale looks beautiful.

Posting Policy

Over the last 30 years I've recorded alot of music for others as well as myself. As part of the on-going Little Hollywood project I'm planning to make as much of this available as I can. In some cases I no longer have the contact information for the musicians involved. In all cases please be assured that everything I post I do with the utmost respect for your wishes. If it's yours and you want it removed please drop me a line and I will remove it from the site.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is purpose of this site?

I'm not really sure.

In my mind Little Hollywood is a community, albeit a virtual one made up of musicians and the like, so it's like asking about the purpose of the town you live in. I know aspects of the bigger picture that bring us together, but it seems a little grand to call it a purpose. It's probably best to think of it as just a location you like to visit or a piece of history you're intested in exploring.

Personally I plan to use the site to post a lot of audio history, but I'm not the only person represented or posting.

What is the easiest way to navigate this site and what will I find if I bother?

What you will find is a fair amount of diversity in this site because it's built a lot like the depression era shacks on Capital Lake. There are the pages I've created and then there are pages that are maintained by others like Senayit or Chris Sand. This makes it easy for others to join in, but harder to say exactly what you'll find or advise you on the best way to get around while you're there. For the material that I'm posting the best single overview of content is probably the Archives page.

Is the material on this site copyrighted and if so who owns it?

Argh, me mate, spoke like a true pirate you 'ave. Actually the material that is copyrighted is pretty clearly marked. The other mark you'll see is the Creative Commons mark. Any page with with this symbol

indicates that the work is available under a Creative Commons licence. It basically a kinder and gentler way to protect an author's rights. Click the icon for more information.

What is the future of the original plans for a musician's co-op?

Actually I made that question up. Nobody has actually asked, but I'd like to answer anyhow. And the answer is that I don't know. It's hard to know whether the brilliance of the idea of generating local performance based work will overcome the culturally reinforced emotional ghetto that the centralized entertainment industry has provided. Or perhaps it's all based on whether I'm considered cool or lame.

Privacy Policy

Little Hollywood does not collect any information about you or your internet habits. This is good if you're a dinosaur like me and have real reservations about the continous erosion of privacy. This is bad if you're expecting me to know what pages of this site are poplular.

So, if you want me to know that you like something you've found here, please drop me a line.

Thank you -