Studio of Doom
Stone Soup: "Who Will My Love Go To?"
Drizzle: "Drifting Man"
Cheshire: "Bottle"
Strange: "Twelve Boats"
DreamKitchen: "Claude Monet"
Cheshire: "Sunbath"
DreamKitchen: "To A Sick Child"
Haroldo and the Grufs: "Who Is The Crazy One Here?"
DreamKitchen: "Life's Rhythms"
Moodboy and the Diva: "Ophelia"
Cheshire: "Tinsel Heaven"
Cheshire: "Fly"
DreamKitchen: "Fire Across The Garden Gate"
Moodboy and the Diva: "Breathing Water"

Strange - Twelve Boats

Originally published as a cassette in 1993.
Recorded by Carl Dexter.