Working With Senayit

I originally met Senayit while backing up Chris Sand at a TESC gig. She was playing in a duo at the time called Skerny and I invited them over to the studio to record a live demo. I ended up overseas on a contract shortly afterward and never had the chance to work with them further.

Maybe a year later Chris Sand suggested that I listen to her with an ear towards producing her first solo CD. At that time I was feeling overextended by the number of musicians requesting that I record them. I was particularly tired of being looked upon as a judge of anyone's musical worth; but I agreed to do it thinking that it would be easier to explain why I wasn't going to record her if I took the time to at least listen to her first.

I remember sitting down with her and explaining very carefully before she played me anything that I might not be able to hear what she was doing well enough for us to do a project together. I tried to explain that if I couldn't, it was no indication of the worth of the music. And of course I felt terrible just suggesting the possibility. She indicated that she understood and proceeded to quietly sing and play for me anyhow.

We've been working together about 12 years now. She has just finished her sixth CD earlier this year. I've recorded and played on all of them.

- Carl, September 2010

October 8th update - it looks like her complete catalog can now be heard on-line. Well worth checking out.

Audio Links
Senayit sings quietly to me
Same song - finished version
Song from Senayit's Sixth CD